View Full Version : [ubuntu] apport-gpu-error-intel.py

May 8th, 2012, 08:48 PM
Installed 12.04 32-bit as a true dual-boot (not wubi) to a Dell GX520 this morning. I made the CD, and it's been used successfully at least once. I get a system error message about 1 minute after the desktop is up. Something about apport-gpu-error-intel-py. I'm not very good with syslog - can't find anything that jumps out at me.

Googling brings up several discussions. The problem appears to be related to the Intel onboard chipset.

The Dell GX520 uses the 82945G Express chipset. But I have a Radeon 9250 Pro low-profile video card installed. So I may not have to fix this problem so much as do an end-run if there's some way to tell Ubuntu to ignore the onboard video?

EDIT: Installed 12.04 Xubuntu right over Ubuntu. No error messages so far.