View Full Version : Doppler Radar software?

sports fan Matt
May 3rd, 2012, 12:59 PM
Anyone use any type of radar software for Ubuntu? (Doppler, Nexrad, etc?). I have Windows for that and one other purpose. I wonder why Radarscope wouldn't work on a platform such as Ubuntu, Arch, Mint, Fedora..etc?

May 3rd, 2012, 07:49 PM
Have you tried aweather (http://lug.rose-hulman.edu/proj/aweather/)? It is in the repos. There is also MicroMet - ADC Doppler Weather Radar (http://www.micrometgroup.com/radar.php) which looks like a hardware based linux doppler thingy.

sports fan Matt
May 3rd, 2012, 08:46 PM
I haven't. Thanks for the tips :)