View Full Version : when we will be able to buy U products? :)

pablo sa
May 2nd, 2012, 02:18 PM
i read a lot of news from ubuntu lately.
new release, ubuntu for android, ubuntu tv, etc.
i know ubuntu is one of the bigger linux distributions, i know many dont like unity, but its getting better.
and the ubuntu eco (look and feel, integrity, armony, etc) is far and away from any other distro.
i would say its at par or even better than apple, im sure its better than windows.

so i was wondering, when canonical will start selling hardware.
uBook uPad uPhone uTv

i mean, i know we dont had an exact number of users of ubuntu, you should get a better guess than me with updates, downloads, etc
but i like to think that at least 1% of us (loyal happy users) will buy them.
even if that 1% happend to be 100,000 that would give you a couple of millions.
if you are selling songs, why you dont sell hardware? its more related.
maybe even other linux fans buy them, just for not paying microsoft and apple tax.

and the hardware will be 100% certificated, all updates will be guaranted to work.

i think canonical are understimating us, if we are willing to buy an apple/acer/dell/hp/sony/asus/whatever to dump windows in the trash and installing ubuntu, do the work to solve the hardware that dont work out of the box, do all again every 6 months, i think most of us will be willing to buy one from the canonical website at the same price.

its time to canonical to wake up, they are wasting time going door to door preaching and incredible product to deft ears, as much i hate the say "ubuntu is macmorphing", its time canonical go alone, truly follow apple path, granted ubuntu fans are a lot fewer than apple, but apple started the same way, apple was 15 years ago like canonical is now, you had a good seed, stop trying some narrow mind farmers to use it, just plant the seed, and rip the fruits.

start like apple, one laptop, one color, one specs, one design, one to sell.
put the first 10000 factory order and se if they sell, hell.. you know what, you dont even had to gamble, just put a preorder for it

come on canonical, its not hard to start building computers, if vizio can do it... give it a try

May 2nd, 2012, 02:35 PM
so i was wondering, when canonical will start selling hardware.
uBook uPad uPhone uTv

I already have utv.

UTV (http://www.u.tv/)