View Full Version : [ubuntu] persistent problem with checksums and ISO images

May 1st, 2012, 09:58 PM
I've been facing this problem for a while:

When creating a USB startup from a ISO image checksums do not match

I've tried with the GNU and KDE applications and with a variety of USB pens (that I format entirely before doing the operation

last time (2 months ago) I tried several ubuntu and the only one I could get was 11.04

I downloaded several times each version (and from the ubuntu website) but did not seem to work

I also tried using unetbootin but, apart from the fact that it does not support the latest versions, when trying to boot from the USB stick it would say "this is not a ISO image" and would not boot

someone told me that it depends on how the USB stick has been formatted at its creation...is this possible? Any similar experiences (solved?)