View Full Version : [ubuntu] blank screen in 3d mode after update and reboot

May 1st, 2012, 06:19 PM
I updated from 11.10 to 12.04 and like every previous distribution upgrade with ubuntu, it failed to work correctly. At least this time I still have the 2d logon. Previous upgrades have not left me with anything that worked.

I'll be honest, every time ubuntu upgrades I seriously question why they make distribution upgrades available the way they do. Its misleading and it honestly makes me want to switch to a different brand of linux all together.

Basically what i am arguing is that the distribution upgrade prompt is completely misleading. It makes people think they are updating their computer to work better than it does, when in actuality the new distributions are ALWAYS riddled with flaws, some of which make the system completely unusable.

I installed the distribution upgrade this time knowing that it would cause problems and i took the appropriate means to backup my system before hand. I only did this though because of the multiple previous bad experiences I'd had with Ubuntu upgrades, and this time I expected it to completely fail. People that are new to Linux will not know this, and the current system is unfair to them.

i think Ubuntu should stop offering the automatic distribution upgrades until it can figure out a way to actually test them first on a larger number of systems. The graphics seem to be the biggest issue with this.

it makes me not want to trust the ubuntu upgrade prompts and i have to imagine people new to linux (something ubuntu has a larger share of than other distributions) might be completely turned off to linux after an experience like that. I mean, if you can't trust the easiest to use of the linux distros, what are you going to do? I'd hate to think of people leaving linux all together simply because the auto distro upgrade was rolled out to early and they didn't know it.