View Full Version : [ubuntu] Encrypted Tomboy notes sync with encfs and Ubuntu One

May 1st, 2012, 08:01 AM

I currently use Ubuntu One to sync Tomboy notes unencrypted. I want to change this to sync Tomboy notes encrypted using encfs.

I have set up a simple encfs configuration to sync a directory as follows:

encfs -o nonempty ~/Ubuntu\ One/Clouded ~/Cloud'

How do I change Tomboy to write all notes to ~/Cloud rather than the default .local/share/tomboy/ ?

This is Tomboy 1.60 on Ubuntu 11.10.


Turns out it is easy:

Simply press "Clear" in the Preferences -> Synchronization tab and select "Local folder" and e.g. "~/Cloud/tomboy/".

Then only encrypted note data will leave the machine and be stored in the cloud.