View Full Version : Blurry battery indicator icon: Let's fix this!

April 30th, 2012, 07:16 PM
Let's face it!
The battery indicator icon is blurry!

It worked well in Maverick, but unfortunatelly it got some scaling issues
in Natty and Oneiric, and even now in Precise the icon up there is ugly,
dreadful, really horrendous!

Don't you think so? I hope you do!

After years of non-pixel-perfect power information, I decided to take the
matters in my own hands! And voila, look at the attached photo to see
the difference!

The patch is ready, the icon is beautiful, and the bug report was already
opened by Lucazade since AUG/2011. So I think we should all go there and
click the "affect me too" link. Warn your friends, tip your neighboors,
let this prettyness spread to all ubuntu desktops in the world!


And if you want to have a good looking icon in your own desktop right now,
I have made the indicator-power package available at my PPA:


Disclaimer: Be aware that the package in my PPA also displays the battery
percentage instead of time-remaining... because time-remaining never
worked reliably for me at all.