View Full Version : [all variants] interactive prompt during preseed install?

April 30th, 2012, 08:22 AM
At some point during the installation, when target is mounted, I want to prompt the user for one or more strings and use them to generate a bunch of config options. I've tried all kinds of tricks with bash's read and dialog in d-i preseed/late_command, but the installer stubbornly refuses to show a prompt, even if I prefix with exec > anothertty and chvt
Some reading through the debian installer docs shows some very convoluted ways to interact with debconf and not a single actually working example.
Has anyone actually succeeded in adding a custom dialog? I'm guessing it's not rocket science, but debugging is a bitch as the installer is very unforgiving with any syntax errors, the shell is limited (not a full bash), and reboots to test take a long time.