View Full Version : [ubuntu] upgrade from 11.10 desktop to 12.04 failed trying to fix via livecd

April 27th, 2012, 02:40 PM

the upgrade from 11.10 desktop 64 to 12.04 failed partway through - got stuck trying to restart mysql server and extracting libc6

now it wont reboot

i am trying to recover via live cd and do a fresh install but i want to transfer some files from the home directory to a second drive

the drives seem to mount via live cd (just trying it haven't installed)
but it wont let me transfer the files to the second data drive due to permissions
also would let me gain ownership of the files

boot drive > 2tb - mounts and folder and files can be viewed / read
data drive 1 > 3tb> was mounted in /media/data1
data drive 2 > 3tb> was mounted in /media/data2

data drive 1 & 2 will mount (seems to be in the same place) but when i click on them they wont let me view folder structure and they dont show up in navigation of drive
it indicates im not owner and cant change permissions

also im not sure how to change mount point / im not sure if they are mounting correctly
as live cd did the mounting

I would appreciate any help..