View Full Version : [SOLVED] 12.04-64bit don't boot on ASUS E45M1-M

April 26th, 2012, 10:41 PM
When I try to boot the live USB 12.04LTS (created on 10.04LTS 32-bit I first get:

Boot Error Prefix Not Set

Then I come to what I think is a Grub menu, whit the chois:

Try Ubuntu
Install Ubuntu
Check disk

Whatever I chois, the computer reboot.

If I press 'c' (or maybe another singel letter I come to a promt with something written and I can edit.

How do I do if I want to try 12.04?

I can not find anything i UEFI/BIOS to chois BIOS or UEFI-boot. There are some thing to chois AHIC or IDE for SATA-disk and that is set to IDE, sa BIOS support. http://www.manualowl.com/m/Asus/E45M1-M-PRO/Manual/262972

If I erased all 'Boot Option#N' under 'Boot Option Priority' under Boot-tab (Se page 2-24 in the linked manual) Ubuntuget booted :)

I'm totally disagre with those how say UEFI are userfreindlier than BIOS, It's almost as hard as install Ubuntu on a g4 Mac^^