View Full Version : What upper division electives should I take?

April 22nd, 2012, 08:51 AM
Okay, I should probably explain some stuff here. I got accepted to a 2 state universities and a private non profit university. I'm transferring over as a junior. I'm going to the non profit private university. I have a choice of two classes to take as upper division electives and I would like to take AI programming (or Artificial Intelligence) and Compiler design.

The thing is even though I really want to take both classes, I'll probably have to wait a LONG while before they are ever offered again (believe me, my first choice was a state school), so I need a good reason to keep waiting. The reason I want to take compiler design is that I plan on getting a second degree in mechanical (or electrical, what do you recommend?) engineering (from a state school) and try to go for a masters program in nanotechnology. I want to be able to design nanobots, and I'm guessing that I would probably have to write my own compiler for the systems I would be using.

Here is the list of electives.

I case you haven't figured it out yet, I'm currently a computer science major.

CSC 421
Compiler Design
Prerequisite: CSC 335
CSC 440
Advanced Programming in Java
Prerequisite: CSC 262
CSC 445
Wireless Appl. Development
Prerequisite: CSC 242, or CSC 262
CSC 450
Artificial Intelligence
Prerequisite: CSC 335
CSC 451
AI Programming
Prerequisite: CSC 335
CSC 452
Human Computer Interactions
Prerequisite: CSC 300
CSC 454
Computer Graphics
Prerequisite: EGR 220, and CSC 335
CSC 456
CSC 455 Game Programming
Prerequisite: CSC 454
CSC 456 Advanced Game Programming
Prerequisite: CSC 455

My list of classes that I want to take in descending order is

1) Compiler design
2) AI Programming/Artificial Intelligence
3) Adv programming in Java
4) Computer Graphics
5) Game Programming / Adv Game Programming
6) Wireless Appl Development
7) Human computer interactions

My question is, based on what I've told you what would YOU recommend?