View Full Version : How to Breed Two Juggling Tricks in JavaScript (with animations)

April 20th, 2012, 12:35 PM
Using JavaScript, I've been creating an online form that validates siteswap (a juggling notation).

You can use it here: http://www.vidwarren.com/siteswap

If you want a valid trick to play around with, try typing this in: 526126401

Primarily, I made this to develop my understanding of Siteswap and JavaScript. It has helped immensely and has inadvertently led me to the discovery of how to 'breed' any two siteswaps of the same Period (length). Once you've typed in a valid trick, see the bottom of the page for this.

The form will do all the crunching in real time. It also will link to an animation of that trick by appending the siteswap to a URL in the open source software JugglingLab.

If you're interested in learning more about siteswap or about the features of the form, I've written an explanation in the FAQ.

It's all applicable to other forms of Siteswap such as passing, synchronous throws, multiplexing etc. I haven't written that part yet but you could always work this stuff out by hand until then. :popcorn:

I'm sure that there are loads of long-winded methods and mistakes in the code. Let me know!

Other than that, learn to juggle and come and join a super-friendly community! It's secretly full of programmers and geeks.