View Full Version : Folding@Home can't change team

April 15th, 2012, 10:02 AM

I understand this is hardly covering new ground, but the answers I found on other fora about this seemed unable to solve the problem for my install and the only other threads I could find on here don't cover this issue.

Basically, I started out using Folding@Home on my AMD Phenom II x6 with Ubuntu 11.10 in October/November. Since then, my computer has contributed plenty to Ubuntu Team 45104. Now, however, I have decided to set my own team afloat, for Vulpine Designs Unlimited 217222. I have tried:

sudo origami name -u DanFoxDavies -t 217222

and I have tried restarting Origami and the F@H system, then waiting for existing work units to complete before it was supposed, according to instructions elsewhere, to start using the new team number. It didn't and still doesn't, it keeps on contributing to 45104 and leaving my new team bone dry. Why? How can I fix it?