View Full Version : [ubuntu] Remove a "fake" ZRAM drive

April 11th, 2012, 02:20 AM
Hi All!

First of all sorry, because my english is not perfect.
My problem is: after a non-securrely (without unmounting)
unplug of a flash drive, there is still a "fake" 2.1 Gb usb drive (after replug and correct unmount of that pendrive, which caused the problem), which now seems as a swap drive. A screenshot can be found here:

The result of "blkid":

Can anybody tell, how can i remove this fake drive?

Thx a lot!

April 11th, 2012, 03:15 AM
If you're sure it was caused by the pendrive, try restarting the machine.

April 11th, 2012, 03:24 AM
I'm not sure, possibly caused by my external HDD. I've tried both, and it was 2 weaks (many restarts)

May 26th, 2012, 02:01 AM

I have the same problem with zram drive. I connected pendrive - i think so - and after removing it now i have /dev/zram0 (in fact it is a swap partition with 10GB free space but disk utility show it as a 2.1 GB SSD!) and because of this in my Ubuntu doesen't work hibernation.

Can yiou help me? Suspend to ram works.