View Full Version : [ubuntu] Mismatched color issue on HP Deskjet 840c using Ubuntu 11.10

April 5th, 2012, 07:10 PM
I recently installed UBuntu 11.10 on a Lenovo Q150. I believe most of installation process was a success which I was able to go out to the Internet using wired connectivity (after some research on Google) and was able to do a print test on my HP Deskjet 840c printer. However the color printed was a mismatch.

Prior a printer installation, I ran the update, downloaded, and installed about 384 updates. In addition, the printer is connected via an HP Print Server which the Deskjet 840c connects using parallel cable. With this setup, I installed the printer on the Ubuntu using socket:/[PRINT SERVER IP ADDRESS]:9100 as TCP/IP-Based printer.

I used the same TCP/IP-Based printer setup on Windows machine which some run Windows 2000 and others run Windows 7. There was no mismatched color issue when printing out using these Windows machines. The mismatched color issue only happened on the Ubuntu machine.

I'm thinking the problem might be related to improper driver. I tried to find UNIX/Linux printer driver on HP website with no avail.

I wonder if anyone here has any thoughts of what the problem could be and might be available to assist. Thanks :)