View Full Version : Packaging expert needed

Tony Flury
April 5th, 2012, 09:35 AM
I need someone who actually understands all this packaging stuff to either mentor me or join my project team.

I am in pre-beta for a new suite of pograms and python libraries called timewarp (see signature).

I have the development tree in launchpad which other contributors can pull, branch or checkout should they wish - all though this is a one man show at the moment.

I want to be able to create a legitimate deb package (which i think is called a binary package) - so that users can download and install and use fom day 1 - without needing to be a developer, and which will also installs the python libraries so that other developers can build add on tools which they can use/publish in their own right.

I also understand there is a thing called a source package - although i am now very cofused about the distinction and which one i actually need

I have read vaious guides on packaging/build recipes on launchpad and the wiki etc - and i just keep going round in cicles - so i need an expert who is will to either take on the role and who can mento me so i learn to do this stuff.

I know a little bit about deb packaging - i did build what i believe was a "binary" package for a game I wrote so i could install it and both myself and my partner could play it - but that was a while ago - and i have no idea if i did it correctly - the deb woked but i don't know if i broke any rules - and it was only one executable file - and no re-usable libraries.

My eventual hope would be to get my deb accepted into the official repositories so anyone could install it fom synaptic - but i know i am a long way off from that.

If anyone can help - please let me know.