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April 4th, 2012, 11:13 AM
Dear ubuntu comunity,

I've got a big multi-purpose server where Ubuntu 11.04 is running. I've made a basic dhcp server based on the official documentation.

default-lease-time 21600;
max-lease-time 21600;

subnet netmask {
interface eth1;
option routers;
option broadcast-address;
option domain-name-servers;
option subnet-mask;

# host hp-server { hardware ethernet 00:1C:C4:96:5C:38; fixed-address;}

# zberne dat
host zber01 { hardware ethernet 00:1B:EB:20:2D:38; fixed-address; }
host zber02 { hardware ethernet 00:1B:EB:21:18:1F; fixed-address; }
host zber03 { hardware ethernet 00:1B:EB:35:12:6A; fixed-address; }
host zber04 { hardware ethernet 00:1B:EB:21:18:1A; fixed-address; }
#host zber05 { hardware ethernet xxxmac; fixed-address; }
#host zber06 { hardware ethernet xxxmac; fixed-address; }
#host zber07 { hardware ethernet xxxmac; fixed-address; }
#host zber08 { hardware ethernet xxxmac; fixed-address; }

# pouzivatelia
host user1 { hardware ethernet 00:19:DB:D2:7D:93; fixed-address;}
host user2 { hardware ethernet C4:17:FE:02:60:19; fixed-address;}
host user3 { hardware ethernet 50:E5:49:27:86:B3; fixed-address;}
host user4 { hardware ethernet F4:CE:46:F0:E8:7D; fixed-address; }

# ostatne
host alnet-server { hardware ethernet 00:1E:8C:1B:05:C8; fixed-address;}
host qi-xp { hardware ethernet 08:00:27:CA:E3:6F; fixed-address;}
host deb-java { hardware ethernet 08:00:27:28:18:64; fixed-address; }
host canon4660.printer { hardware ethernet 00:00:85:9F:A2:84; fixed-address;}
host akvarko.alnet-server { hardware ethernet 00:24:1D:88:C0:85; fixed-address;}
host narezovna-masina { hardware ethernet 00:24:1D:88:C0:85; fixed-address;}
host qi-win7 { hardware ethernet 08:00:27:C6:67:B9; fixed-address; }

# sietove prvky
host asus-danad.net { hardware ethernet 00:1E:8C:D0:70:B8; fixed-address; ddns-hostname "asus-danad.net"; }

my questions/issues:
1, sometimes, when I just edit MAC address somewhere (physical machine is replaced by a new one and the old one is thrown out) and restart the server daemon with

/etc/init.d/isc-dhcp-server restart
it says on the new machine that there is an IP address conflict. I have to assign a new IP to a new MAC, I can't re-use them, so I'll run out of IP's in my subnet quickly :)

2, just today, suddenly, 5 computers on my network stopped to work, their networking was in the state "acquiring IP address". It doesn't matter if this or that PC was with mapped MAC-IP in config file, or without (IP was assigned to it dynamically). They were not able to get IP address at all, they were effectively stuck, all of them at once. Only way to work around that was to set-up static IP address/subnet/gateway to them temporarily.

3, don't know how to set-up logging of dhcp server itself (not just leases). I've seen some guides around but they don't seem to apply to my ubuntu version.

I'm new to dhcp server, this is my first, I don't know how to fix these issues, I've tried to set-up DHCP leases to more aggresive value, no help.

edit: dhcp server is at (ubuntu 11.04 64bit), router is at (including DNS). I've tried to set up my own DNS server but I find it complicated and not necessary for such a small network.