View Full Version : [ubuntu] fibrechannel qla2342 boot

March 30th, 2012, 01:03 PM
Hello Ubuntucommunity,
I want to hook up an old Sun Storedge T3 via fibrechannel on my Lenovo Thinkstation S20 (Single Xeon). For this I got an Qlogic qla2342 1Gbit fibrechannel pci-x card. I tested this on another Pci-x (AMD Opteron) Server and had trouble booting the machine. It would hang while booting.
This is sometime ago and I thought I give it another shot on my workstation. Similar behavior here I can switch into the qla2342 menu and change values all seems ok. But the machine wouldn't boot anything - doesn't matter if the storedge is attached or not. If the card is built in I can't access BIOS. It wouldn't go nowhere after the Thinkstation splash screen.

Btw. I don't wan't to boot from the SAN box - internal disk is ok.
Does someone have experience with fibrechannel cards. I thought they behave like SCSI cards and work transparent if nothing is attached. This problem is not especially Ubuntuflavored. Maybe the card is simply broken.
Thank you for help