View Full Version : Just thought I would say

June 12th, 2006, 07:34 AM
Hey, (I am a male just thought I'd point this out given this is the Ubuntu Women's forums I wanted to avoid confusion). I just wanted to say how great it is that the Women in this community have made this forum for women, it's great to see people who go against the sterotype that Linux is for geeky men. ( I don't mean to sound like I am looking down as if to say good job children your doing well, I mean this as an equal.) Sadly I once belived that sterotype to be true (not that I wanted it to be just that I assumed it was, trust me I would love to meet a girl who would actually not mind giving Linux a try at least it would give us something else to share my accomplishments in Linux with) So anyways just thought I should put this out, it's good to have yall here!!:KS :D