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March 28th, 2012, 06:50 PM
I have done some testing with easy printing from Android (and probably iThingies too) but here is the missing link. I refer to this as the missing link because I have done it on CUPS in OSX 10.5 but I can not see to get it to work in Ubuntu 10.10.

I can use any Mac OS X supported printer connected to Mac OSX and via printer sharing I then simply configure most any android print client to the Mac OS CUPS server as a Postscript printer. I have tested IPP and LPR on Mac OS cups server.

The problem I have is that when I try to do this in Ubuntu I do not get LPR support. Also I have an issue with the Postscript not quite being reformatted correctly for the printer.

What do I need to support lpr server support in CUPS? I am trying an update to Ghostscript and we will see if that helps

Fuurthermore I would like to get the Android Printershare App to see the CUPS server from Ubuntu in the same way that it sees CUPS server from the Mac OSX CUPS server


Updating Ghostscript did not help for printing from PrintBot with Postscrfipt driver to Ubuntu CUPS server. I get two images of the test page per page one on the left and one on the right on the Samsung ML-1675 . Each image has white lines through all of it. However the results are excellent on thE Xerox Phaser 6125N with exactly the same configuration