View Full Version : [ubuntu] Upper-Left Menu in Gnome 3 (not unity)

March 26th, 2012, 01:02 AM

In Gnome 3 in the top left, if you move the mouse to the top it brings up a menu with a window switcher and it has an area to search for apps etc.

On my Gnome 3 & Cinnamon when I do it, the menu part is gone, now there is only a window switcher, no shortcuts in that screen , etc.

Can I reinstall any particular package to get this back?

To Clarify, this is how the hot-corner looks in Gnome 3 (this is what I want):


And this is how it looks right now and in cinnamon:


Is there anyway to make Cinnamon in the second screenshot, have the same hotcorner as Gnome 3?

Thank you.