View Full Version : What internet plan should I use?

March 20th, 2012, 02:58 AM
Well, my contract with bell is almost over, so I have to choose to renew to choose a different service provider (in Canada)

So far here are the three choices I'm leaning towards, from most to least favourite.

Techsavvy Rogers Bell

I am not sure who to choose. I hear Techsavvy is okay, but my friend who uses it tends to load much slower than I do on Bell and is what people of the internet would call a toaster. Here are some statistics

In my household, at least 7 devices are connected to the internet. (2 ipods, a PC, laptop, Mac, and another device). At least 4 of them are on at once (ipods are automatically on for convenience, usually the Mac/PC are both on and the other device is on at night) So I'm not sure, since I hear good reviews from Techsavvy, but my friends experience is not swaying me. I live in Ontario, near Toronto. I have the 140GB bell plan (+25GB so 165) for $99 so Techsavvy looks good pricewise, etc. But I need a decent/fast connection, since we need to be connected for a lot of the work I/my family does at home (one uni student too) If Techsavvy fails, I think I may use Rogers.