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March 19th, 2012, 01:03 AM
So as work continues on a new UCE release I propose a few questions to the community including any current UCe dev's..

1. Are there more programs that you all have come across that is viable for use outside the normal list of Xiphos, opensong, e-sword, etc that have come with past UCE releases.

2. Do we have another option to Dansguardian as a web filter? I ask because i have been watching the DG mailing list and it seems to be a group on yahoo.groups and it is the least maintained project on the dev's mind and the mailing list is filled with spam. Not to take anything away from the abilities but I am trying to think long term and development steady for our UCE release.
(I was taking a look at a fork of DG called minD found here: http://code.google.com/p/mindwebfilter/)

3. (Primarily to the dev's). Are we using this resource? https://launchpad.net/ubuntuchristianedition

There is no code/packages pushed to the branch in turn no ppa. We can easily use this as a repository for development code.

(Again for the dev's below)
Which brings me to my next issue. We currently have a repository in place that has been used as the conversion server. Are we still able to maintain this for conversion and or building new releases?

Let's keep the ball rolling here people!:guitar: