View Full Version : How we need to make Ubuntu even easier!!

June 11th, 2006, 10:02 AM
We are all using Ubuntu becuase we are quite technically savy but we need more ideas like Automatix, Easy Ubuntu.

What I notice with new users is that they dont like change. Its taken one person at work about 6 months to finally agree the Firefox is a much better &safer browser then IE. I am glad to say he now uses it all the time. I am also getting the boss slowly converted but this will be a harder task. I can see it, we can see but non techy people just dont get it and cannot see how dangerous IE really is.

Whether we like it or not a new user will make an assumption immediately about Linux / Ubuntu because the only experience they have had is using Windows and if one thing does not work in Ubuntu they are most likely to say Linux is rubbish and go back to Windows. This is why we need things like Easy Ubuntu and Automatix.

June 11th, 2006, 10:48 AM
That's right. However Ubuntu (or Linux) shouldn't strive to work like windows but as it sees best. But there could be "I'm a former windows user and a complete idiot" mode that would constantly bugger the user with helpful hints for newbies or something like that. I've been using ms-dos and windows for ever and found the transision pretty seamless. I haven't tried automatix or easy ubuntu. My old sound blaster 16 wasn't autodetected but I had to edit /etc/modules myself and my multibutton mouse needed some configuration. On top of this mozilla.org version of Firefox needed to be installed and some audio and video codecs to play mp3 and avis. All pretty straight forward. I dual booted for maybe 2 months, now I'm pure Ubuntu all the way. And boy, do I feel good about it! :)