View Full Version : [ubuntu] Subtitle fonts (and font effects) in dvdstyler

March 16th, 2012, 09:41 AM
Dear All,
Recently, for dvd authoring, I swithced from qdvdauthor (http://qdvdauthor.sourceforge.net/) to dvdstyler (http://www.dvdstyler.org/en/) mainly due to stability problem with the former.

However, in dvdstyler I can not solve the following problems,

I can not cross out the outline and shadow boxes for subtitles. This can be done for menu texts. Please see the attached images. I want to do this since subtiles seem to be coming out with ragged edges compared to qdvdauthor.
Is there a way to define (setup) the default attributes for subtitles?

Any help will be appreciated.