View Full Version : [ubuntu] Editing Network Information Displayed.

March 13th, 2012, 07:59 PM
I added file sharing to my Ubuntu installation and when I logged on to my Home Network which consistes of 3 Windows PC's and the one Linux, I got a pop-up window with 2 Folders, 'Workgroup' and 'Windows Network'.

Clicking on the 'Windows Network' led to a folder with the windows network name, and clicking on this led to the Windows PC's.

After editing the smb.conf file to change the worgroup name to the same name as the windows network, when I now go to the Network system, I get a pop-up window showing all the PC's, which I wanted to achieve, but I still have the 'Windows Network' folder with the sub-directories and files as before.

Does anyone know if there is some way to remove this?

Many Thanks.