View Full Version : Humanoid Robot Application Challenge -- Your Votes Count!

March 13th, 2012, 04:10 AM
Voting for the 2012 ICRA DARwIn-OP Humanoid Application Challenge is open. 11 finalists are competing to create the best new application for a humanoid robot. Popular vote accounts for 25% of the final score.

Please follow this link (http://www.robotsource.org/xe/2567) and take a look at the submission videos and vote for the robot you think is the best. (Each video is only about 1 minute long, so it won't take up too much time.)

The 11 finalists are, briefly summarized:

- University of Georgia: "Darwin Animator" (Tool for creating and editing complex robot motions)
- University of Manitoba: "Jennifer" (Ice hockey playing robot)
- CCCKC Kansas City Hackerspace: "Team Avatar #1" (Kung Fu robot styled after Real Steel)
- CCCKC Kansas City Hackerspace: "Team Avatar #2" (Customized robot parts built via Makerbot)
- Drexel University: DASL (Simulation of robotic control of a car)
- Institute of Robotics, CSIC-UPC (Grasping and 3D TOF cameras)
- Purdue University: "Team Reaction" (Human-like environmental sensors and reactions to light/dark, cold/heat, ledges, etc...)
- Purdue University: "Tic-Tac-Toe Purdue" (Robot-Robot interaction via game using image processing)
- Purdue University: "Dance Dance Revolution" (Robotic DDR implementation)
- Virginia Tech: "RoMeLa" (Novel robotic gripping mechanism using torsional springs and a single motor)
- Virgina Tech: "Skating Robot" (Roller skating humanoid)

Please feel free to pass the link to the poll to your family, friends, and anyone else interested in programming and robotics!