View Full Version : [ubuntu] ssh error: "shift: 28: can't shift that many" - ssh'ing to my ubuntu box times out

March 11th, 2012, 09:54 PM
Hello, I have openssh installed on my ubuntu box.

I've suddenly come across a problem recently (no change was made to the box before this happened), where I can't ssh into the ubuntu box. I get "Operation timed out."

When I go to the ubuntu box, I run 'ps -ef |grep "sshd"' and I run 'ps -A | grep sshd' to check if ssh is running, and it's indeed running. But when I try "sudo /etc/init.d/ssh" to check the status of ssh, I get the error "shift: 28: can't shift that many."

I can ssh to localhost fine on that box. And from another computer on the network, I can ssh to the ubuntu box's 192.168... address just fine. And when I ping the ubuntu box IP address from another computer (my router is set to port forward to the ubuntu box on the ssh port), I get packets received no problem.

But if I ssh from another computer to my ubuntu box, I get a timeout error.

Does anyone have any idea why I may be getting a timeout error? The only error I can find that's happening on my ssh is the "shift: 28: can't shift that many," but I can't find what that means.

Help? Thank you!