View Full Version : [ubuntu] screen issues after using projector

March 11th, 2012, 05:28 AM
Hello. A few weeks ago I connected my laptop to a projector. The laptop didn't seem to like the projector; it worked, but it used an odd resolution that put vertical black bars at the edge of the monitor and the projector. When I disconnected the projector, the laptop kept the odd resolution. I tried to reset the resolution manually, but I chose the wrong setting, and it never reset itself like it should after 15 seconds. I did a power-button shutdown, and it restarted with the odd resolution. I tried to reset the resolution manually again, and that worked.

Now half the time I close the lid with the machine running it messes up suspend. The machine wakes up when I open the lid, but the display never reactivates. I tried ctrl-alt-f2, but I can't even get to a tty terminal. I am resorting to using the power button shutdown method pretty frequently now.

Is there a way to restore the graphics to whatever default settings/ configuration it had before all this happened?

I'm running 11.04 on a Dell Latitude E5420, if that matters.