View Full Version : [ubuntu_studio] Installed and applied new theme problems

March 10th, 2012, 12:05 AM
Hello! I just installed this theme


and put it in my /usr/share/themes folder, but for some reason, I cannot recall if it was immediately when I extracted the files there, or when I selected it in the themes selection window, that my background suddenly went blue and is now unchangeable. Also, if I now right click on my desktop, some significantly other options are given than before. I can now only "create folder", "create new document", "organize desktop by name", "keep aligned" (icons are also gone by the way), "paste" and change desktop background. Before I could start a terminal via these options from right clicking on the desktop and several other things, but now I cannot, why is this and is there a way to straighten this out?:-S

Also, when I installed Ubuntu Studio successfully, I did not have my internet connection plugged in because I read that it often creates a lot of complications during installation - which it did. When I did without it went as smooth as a ken-doll, but I obviously skipped the internet configurations the installed does in the beginning. Now, when I login for the first time, I always have to unplug and replug the internet cable for Ubuntu to get me on the internet. Curious...?

Thanks for taking time out for this!

--> Leo

Edit: I've figured out the desktop issue and the menu issue for anyone else having this problem. If you've been using nautilus for extracting files, or in any case nautilus is running, it takes over and makes it impossible to change your desktop settings, also for some reason your "right-click menu" changes when nautilus takes over. Quit/kill nautilus and you're good (terminal command: xfce4-taskmanager)! Still wonder about the network bit, any help is appreciated!