View Full Version : grub doesn't show, just says "out of range"

March 8th, 2012, 11:40 AM
I've installed ubuntu 11.10 64 bit version on my Acer T180 (with and AMD 64bit processor)several times and each time the grub loader doesn't show. I've Windows 7 in the first partition. When I boot up the screen just has a small "out of range" sign for the time the grub loader would be showing then it goes ahead and boots into Ubuntu. The same happens when I install Mint 64. When I install Ubuntu 11.04 32 bit version the grub loader works fine, and shows windows and ubuntu. When I install Chrunch Bang 64 bit the grub loader shows fine but only recognises the linux partitions, not the windows partition (though it gave a message saying it recognised the windows partition during installation, but its missing from the list of choices in the completed installation.

I can probably work around it by just installing Ubuntu 11.04 in a small partition after installing all the other versions of Linux (I'd like to do a multi-distro install) to get the grub loader with everything on it, but I'd be interested to kniow what's going on and why the grub loader doesn't work. I've not tried 11.10 32 bit.