View Full Version : [lubuntu] lot of problems with new installation

March 6th, 2012, 04:50 PM
hi at all!
i've put lubuntu 11.04 on a netbook but i have a lot of "little" problem.

1) when i put the internet key the system doesn't find the usb key, so i need to restart the pc and hope that the so find the usb key. why?
2) when i'm not connected to internet i can see the symbol of the network manager (the two arrows), when i'm connected with the internet key, the two arrows disappears, but if i go with the mouse over the "black" place and i wait 2 seconds, i can see the tag of the connection. can i solve it?
3) in the language support i can see my langage (italiano) and then some chinese symbol. if i go to the install/remove languages, i can see that "italiano" is marked but is the only one... how can i remove the chinese language ?
4) how can i install correctly nvidia driver?
5) how can i see the frewuency cpu ? now i have the elements on the panel but i see nothing, i think i have to install some driver
6) the same whit the temperatur, now i see "NA"