View Full Version : [ubuntu] Garbled screen after install

March 5th, 2012, 03:15 PM

New to the forum and although I have been "playing" with Linux for sometime I consider myself a Linux newbie.

I have a live CD of Ubuntu 11.10 that I am trying to do an install from. When I first attempted booting to the live CD I had problems with the graphics being garbled but was able to get around that by hitting F6 and adding "vga-791". No idea why that worked...I came across it googling for answers.

Once my graphics were clean booting to the Live CD I clicked on "Install Ubunutu" and completed the install. When the install finished, I rebooted as required and again the screen came up a garbled mess. I tried adding "vga-791" but this time it had no affect. I have also tried "nomodeset" and "resolution=1024x768". Nothing.

I have attached a pic of the screen. Hope someone has encountered this before and has an answer. I did a search for this topic but maybe wasn't searching for the correct description.

Computer is a Sandy Bridge based board with a XGI Volari Z11m video chipset.