View Full Version : [ubuntu] problems with TRASH 1000 (lost files)

Sophie Armstrong
February 26th, 2012, 11:14 PM

I am new to Ubuntu. I have the version that is installed inside Windows which I was very happy with.

It seems that a folder called Trash 1000 created itself on my external hard drive. From what I have read the files that i deleted go there as a "backup". A few problems
- all the files that were on my hardrive are now in trash 1000 (except two randoms ones) whereas I didn't deleted them
- I cannot even see or access Trash 1000 in Ubuntu
- I can see it on Windows, open it, but I can't do anything with my files inside. When i try to copy them it always says not responding

I would like to get my files back because I know there are there ! Just don't know how to get them !

Thanks a lot for your help