View Full Version : [ubuntu] Sony Vaio SA Series (2011) - Fan constantly on (probably GPU problem)

February 23rd, 2012, 07:43 PM
Hi all,

While I am using Ubuntu for some time, I am fairly "noob" with any system changes. Also I did use google but did not find anything answering my problem directly.. and from many indirect answers I am not able to piece together a solution.

I have Vaio SA laptop, with i7 2640m CPU and hybrid Intel 3000 and ATI 6630m GPU. In windows, you can switch between the GPUs by moving a hardware switch; however, I don't think that changing this switch physically disconnects anything, as without "software approval" the switching does not happen (for example, if you move the switch when playing a game, a windows appears announcing it is not possible to switch the gpus at the moment).

In ubuntu I am running on the "performance" (ATI 6630m) position; however, I think there are some driver problems. My fan is constantly running on pretty much highest speed, the laptop is hot, and CPU usage is close to 0% - it has to be the GPU causing these problems. I tried installing the ATI Proprietary driver via "Additional Drivers" in settings. There are two options, a normal one and "post-release updates" one. The "post-release updates" fails to install; however the normal one seems to be installed (it has a green dot next to it, as opposed to a gray dot). This did not solve the problem, as the fan is still running like it wants to fly..

To solve the fan problem, I think I have two options:

use only the intel 3000 GPU (how do I even check that linux can see it?) - I think Ubuntu should have good Intel 3000 GPU drivers, as most of the laptops use only this GPU
use only the ATI GPU, but stop it from working so hard all the time

How do I achieve any of these solutions?

Thanks for any help!