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February 23rd, 2012, 03:37 AM
I not sure wear to post this but this seemed like a good place. I'm getting my self a new right out of the box desk top and was wondering which OS would be best for game development. I've been using ubuntu for close to five years now and always loved it ease of use. Since I'm planing on making an high tech video game and since the new desk top has 3Gb of Ram, 1Tb of space, and 3.1GHz. Making to most of that power will be very important though I'm planing on modding it by adding an extra 3Tb of space and a graphic card with a 3.1GHz processor with a possibly of adding more Ram. Which Linux OS would be best for me to use?

February 24th, 2012, 11:05 PM
I'd say it doesn't matter that much on the OS cause the software you're probably going to use is mostly cross platform.

Blender, Inkscape, Gimp, engines like Crystal Space, Ogre, Panda3D and so on...