View Full Version : [ubuntu] last.fm broken in firefox10

February 21st, 2012, 05:10 PM
Trying to listen to last.fm or pandora.com radio. and also make a video in xtranormal.com
Ubuntu 11.10, HP Laptop, xtranormal.com works on chrome browser, but not in Firefox. Last.fm and pandora don't work in either firefox or chrome.
My first thought was to replace my previously working flash-installer package with the flash.com download, which made no difference on either Chrome browser of firefox. Chrome could still display xtranormal.com but firefox couldn't. So I traded it back.
I am thinking the issue isn't with the browsers or that it isn't with Flash.

Where else should I go to solve this.

My music on rythmbox works - so this isn't an _emergency_. it is just a little inconvenient.