View Full Version : [ubuntu] assessing a clipboard from command line in oneiric

Dreamer Fithp Apprentice
February 20th, 2012, 01:53 AM
Of course, that is supposed to be "accessing". Blasted spell checker turned my misspelling "acessing" into something worse and I can't correct it. Well, any way I need to be assessing the possibilities for access to a clipboard from the command line. OK, now if I can't correct it, at least I can justify it ;-)

Using Oneiric, gnome classic (no effects), I can't manipulate the clipboard from the command line or in scripts with the same commands that used to work. I presume this is another example of the Gnome dev's indifference to backwards compatibility and support of legacy commands. So is the clipboard no longer an X product but a gnome home grown? Can it be assessed from the command line at all or is that a closely guarded secret not divulged to plebes? Or would I be better off installing some other clipboard ap if I want to be able to use a clipboard in scripts? And if so, is there a setting somewhere that tells applications what clipboard to use when I highlight/select something? Or will I wind up with multiple clipboards and no way to know which gets used in a given situation until I test it? And by the time I get all my scripts rewritten will they change the command language again just for giggles?