View Full Version : [ubuntu] Increasing Screen Resolution in Ubuntu 11.10 on Lenovo ThinkPad x60 Tablet

February 19th, 2012, 09:12 AM
Hello Everyone. My name is J and I have recently acquired a used x60 Tablet for which I have decided to explore using the latest Ubuntu release as opposed to the XP install it came with. My experience level with Linux is, for all intents and purposes, zero. My only exposure has been Ubuntu 11.10 from install a week (or so) ago to now. Having said that, I had some exposure to DOS commands and operations as a child so I understand, to a degree, how Terminal works. Plus, I have been using Windows since about ver3.1. Having said that, I am ok with people approaching my questions as if I were a two year old looking at an erector set. I would like a simpletons primer to Linux concepts and functions but I am coming up short finding one that is relevant to the new Unity interface. Any suggestions herein would be appreciated.

So far, I have been doing well enough following instructions I have found here and there to implement the software I need to make my tablet work in Ubuntu, but I don't really have an idea of what it all means. I first installed Magick Rotation to facilitate the screen change when I flip into tablet mode and I have managed to get the OnBoard application to work though it doesn't work across all functions (wont allow input into the Dash Home search field). My biggest problem is that the Dash Home window and most other window functions don't auto-fit to the desktop when in tablet mode. If I were to find a way to either A) modify Dash Home so that it does fit in tablet mode or B) increase the screen resolution from 1024x768 (768x1024 tablet) to something higher then I would have my tablet very close to how I want it to do all the things I bought it for.

My graphics hardware is as follows - Intel Mobile 945 (945GM/GMS, 943/940 GML) Express Chipset, Driver date (according to XP) - 8/9/2007 ver. According to the Auto-Detect module at the Lenovo website, my tablet is a Thinkpad x60 (6366-6AU). I've tried both the Intel and Lenovo sites for information regarding Linux support for this machine and I've thusfar only been able to confirm that there is no Ubuntu support for this particular model from Lenovo. I did note that there were Red Hat and SUSE versions available but I'm wanting to stick with Ubuntu 11.10 for now. I have found a site that offers what I assume to be updated Linux drivers for my hardware but the implementation (to say nothing of knowing which package is the proper one) seems beyond my skills where Linux is concerned.

So my inquiry is as follows - is it possible to either A) modify the properties of the Dash Home interface to fit the specs of the x60 when in tablet mode or B) increase the screen resolution of this particular machine so that I can get full use out of the Dash Home module without modification? I have tried both UbuntuTweak and MyUnity to try and do what I propose but have come up empty on both counts. I have been searching left and right for answers to this issue but I feel I'm either not asking the right questions or the information I need is very obscure. I appreciate any input anyone might have in this regard.