View Full Version : Making Ubuntu work at work

February 18th, 2012, 01:42 AM
For the network admins out there. Have you been able to successfully integrate Ubuntu into the work place?

Have you solved these issues?
1. domain integration
2. AD and remote management
3. Pushing group policy
4. MS Office integration - sharing contacts, calendars, accepting/replying to appointments from MS Outlook users.
5. dot-net 1 - 4.0, silver-light, java, flash and Internet Explorer? We have and use vendor applications that require one or more of these daily.

Finding an alternative to Microsoft isn't always an option. There are some real challenges to adopting linux in the work place. What are your experiences, and how far have you gotten with your integration?


February 18th, 2012, 03:45 AM
1. I have no problem making Ubuntu work on a company network.
2. Both very easy
3. Works fine with an entire Ubuntu setup, but mixed with Windows you need additional setup. If its for internet use we use a proxy server to handle the IP addresses. Addresses that are exempt to the policy are added to the list. The rest get a somewhat SFW internet experience.
4. The toughest part if you are working on a outlook server. if it is just emailing people with outlook it works fine.
5. IE? no reason for that ever. Moonlight covers silverlight mostly, and java flash work fine. .Net is just mono right? that works too.