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February 17th, 2012, 10:33 PM
Hello all,
just registered to this forum because I have a problem with LTSP and found no proper solution (using the most favourite search provider and a handful of buzzwords which kept me busy for the last 3 weeks...).

So here's the setup I'm playing with:
I have two diskless PCs that I want to use in an LTSP environment.
1) HP T5540
2) An old Neoware Thin-Client

On a "server" (just another PC) Lubuntu 11.10 is installed.

Here's the annoying part:
1) When booting the T5540 everything is fine.
2) When booting the Neoware machine it throws up a message telling me that I should use a kernel that suits the machine's architecture.

Digging into this I found out that an Ubuntu 10.04 LTS works fine with the Neorware thingy (and also with the T5540) booting from a USB-CD drive. On the other hand I don't want to downgrade my "server" to 10.04 just in order to be able to boot both diskless stations.... Adding disks (and thus a locally installed OS) is also no option as I want to be able to centrally administer everything.

All of the above lead to the idea to install LTSP 4 in parallel to LTSP 5 (as described here: http://sourceforge.net/apps/mediawiki/ltsp/index.php?title=Ltsp5SameServerLTSP42 )
Unfortunately the sources have gone leaving me unable to do that.

But thinking about this parallell installation: If this would have worked then I would have ended up having different environments that I have to manage individually. Is this correct?

Even I use Linux for several years now, I am not that experienced with Linux to know what CHROOT means and what to do then... (it is mentioned quite often in conjunction with LTSP...) What I would like to have is a simple management tool that simply let me:

add additional architectures with a simple GUI
add kernels and OS that fit even to my old PC
add another diskless machine that has Mythbuntu instead of Lubuntu
easily manage thin and fat clients and the software that should be available to them (without thinking too much)

Breaking down everything to a simple (?) question:
Is there anything like a graphical user interface to easily administer LTSP?

Thank you in advance,
Yanomamo (Michael)