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February 17th, 2012, 03:21 AM
I'm new to 11.10. Dislike the Unity schmear and would like to install KDE instead. I know you could at one time install from the software center but I'll be darned if I can find it. Anyone have hints as to installing it?

February 17th, 2012, 03:25 AM
The way I install it ( type these in a terminal one after the other )
make sure you have 1-2 Gig at
least free .... it needs some space .... on the hard drive ..... to install .....

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install aptitude
sudo aptitude update
sudo aptitude install kde-full

long wait .....

KDE should now be a choice at login ....

February 17th, 2012, 05:01 AM
You should also give Cinnamon a try.. Look under the download tab for instructions on installing to Ubuntu..


February 17th, 2012, 01:39 PM
Tried cinnamon per your suggestion when it loads icons are all "fractelated" and unreadable.

HP pavillion Dv6
AMD Phenom processor