View Full Version : [ubuntu] multiple sites under LTS (php / mysql)

February 7th, 2012, 06:02 PM
I am going to buy a HP DL180 G6 for a new project which is on the certified hardware list.

I want to run mulitple websites linked to their own seperate MySQL databases with thier own associated IP addresses that will be only accessible via LAN not WAN.

shall I:

(1) install 10.04 LTS diretly to the server and figure out how to create mulitple websites when LAMP is installed?

(2) or install esxi and run multiple server instances as virtual machines?

which either way I went, ive noticed that veritas r3 doesnt support above ubuntu 8.03 for backups so what would be the best way to back these various websites up?

any help appreciated to point me in the right direction before I invest.

kind regards