View Full Version : [kubuntu] Is KMail working for anyone?

February 5th, 2012, 03:40 AM
I found a linux mail review that is about six months old. The reviewer included KMail in his review so he must have gotten it working somehow.

When I installed Kubuntu 11.10 a few months ago, I tried accessing my Google hosted mail but was never able to get it to work. I also wasn't able to get it running long enough to import my old KMail folders.

It seems like Akonadi came on the scene and a bunch of really great Linux apps became pieces of garbage.

Akonadi is a good idea and it might even be an OK program but there is a wrench in the works somewhere. There are too many Linux apps that don't work. In the case of Kubuntu, a clean install of 11.10 came up with Akonadi errors. I re-installed with the same result, then downloaded the install media again, and did one final re-install with the same result. Wow. lol!

Linux users are a dedicated bunch. Could you imagine how much we could get done if we had a stable pool of applications?

I hope Thunderbird turns out to be stable. So far, so good.

February 5th, 2012, 07:33 PM
I have akonadi disabled and kmail refuses to run without it, which is a shame because otherwise kmail is a very nice email client. I use thunderbird.

February 5th, 2012, 09:14 PM
Yeah, I loved KMail for years. It's a real shame what it has become.

Thunderbird seems to be the mailer of choice. I just started using it two days ago but it's been reasonably stable.

I had been using claws-mail for the last several months during which KMail has been broken. It's OK and I like the simlicity but I need a little more and it blew up on me twice in the last year too.

My wife uses Windows Live Mail. It's the successor to plain old Windows Outlook. You know, for all the black eyes and bad press Outlook has gotten over the years, it's a pretty solid mailer. It hasn't blown up on her in years.

February 5th, 2012, 09:27 PM
Contrary to everyone... kmail is working wonders in my system

February 6th, 2012, 02:17 AM
Contrary to everyone... kmail is working wonders in my system

I'd love to hear how you did it. Is there a process online somewhere that provides a walk through on fixing the various pieces so at least the mailer and address book could work?

I love the mailer. I've been with it for roughly a decade but, at some point, I just need mail to work.