View Full Version : PeaZip 4.4 [file and archive manager]

Giorgio tani
February 2nd, 2012, 03:04 PM
I'm glad to announce that PeaZip 4.4 was released a few days ago.
Archive creation and extraction interfaces were made simpler and should display correctly with large fonts used in some distributions / versions.

Downloads, change log, and documentation on http://www.peazip.org
Packages, DEB, RPM, and TGZ, are compiled for GTK2 (recommended) and Qt, both works on Gnome and KDE, the application is desktop neutral.
It is available a portable version, TAR.GZ, that does not need to be installed and does not modify the system.

Any help in improving existing localizations is very welcome, package for translators is http://peazip-translations.googlecode.com/files/peazip-4.4.about_translations.zip