View Full Version : Ifort Linux License

February 1st, 2012, 12:23 PM
I just installed Intel's Fortran compiler ifort, and I noticed that the "non-commercial" license was available for both Linux and Windows. Furthermore, this license was not to be used for academic purposes. They have an own ("heavily discounted") academic license for that (now).

I seem to remember that ifort was available freely for personal use exclusively for Linux, and when a friend of me did his master thesis a few years ago, he had to do his programming on Linux due to the ifort license being free on Linux as opposed to Windows. I also had the impression that universities sometimes provided Linux-computers for this particular reason.

Has something changed lately? Does Intel no longer distinguish between platforms, but simply usage? Was it possible to use ifort freely on Linux for (non-commercial) academic purposes previously but not anymore?

I am a bit confused now, and wonder if I have misunderstood something now or in the past. What is different now compared to before?

I hope some of you are able to clarify things a bit for me :)

Regards, Raff1