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January 31st, 2012, 08:13 PM
Hi folks,

I am in the process of converting two servers from CentOS to Ubuntu. Most of it has been fairly simple changing things over.

The one thing that is giving me a headache is the Ubuntu Exim Configuration. I have set it up to none split mode, but I have so many customisations in my CentOS exim.conf that it is difficult to figure out where to put them all.

There are also loads of ifndef lines in it that I have no idea how to tell if they are going to be used or not. Combine that with variables that I can't find the actual values for then I'm not onto a winner at all..

I know there was a configuration wizard, but the questions it asks don't tell you which directive it is actually changing so some of it is guess work. It also doesn't ask for lots of the options I want to set.

I'm trying to get to grips with the proper Ubuntu way of doing it rather than just scrapping it and putting my own exim.conf in, but I'm running out of the will to bother.

Is there an easier way to migrate an existing exim.conf into Ubuntu?

Failing that, if I just want to use my existing exim.conf is there a guide of options that should really be preserved on the Ubuntu setup?