View Full Version : [ubuntu] How to safely Migrate Systems Disks

January 31st, 2012, 05:54 AM
Hi All

Am looking for some help/advice. Firstly I am a Noob to Ubuntu - so please go easu on me.

I would like to migrate my Ubuntu system disk from a slow (but large) disk to a fast (but small disk)

Here is my setup
disk 0 - Windows7 Install (120GB SSD)
disk 1 - Data Drive (1TB HDD)
disk 3 - Ubuntu Drive (500GB Green 5400 HDD) - I am currently only using about 15GB of the drive

I sue GRUBB to switch between Windows and Ubuntu

I have another 60GB SSD and I would like to make this my Ubuntu System drive - but I dont want to go through the pain of a new install (took me a long time to get the system working the way I want and not sure I could achieve the same results again starting from scratch.

So in summary - I would like to do the following migration

Disk 3 - Ubuntu Drive 500GB --> New SSD 60GB

I would also like to maintain my dual boot configuration (I still need to use Windows for my work setup)

Please advise