View Full Version : [ubuntu] You need to load the kernel first error

January 26th, 2012, 02:32 PM

I had installed win7 in C drive and then I installed ubuntu using install inside windows feature in another drive.

For some reason my windows got corrupt, still ubuntu worked fine.
Over the years, I had forgotten that I had installed ubuntu inside windows and I formatted c drive and installed a fresh copy of win7.

Now, my windows boot loader showed ubuntu, however when I tried booting it, it gave an error- "Can not find GRLDR".
In order to solve this, I copied Wubildr, Wubildr.cfg, Wubildr.mbr from ubuntu installation directory to my C drive.

After this, when I tried booting ubuntu, it showed an error- "You need to load the kernel first"

Please someone help me with this!