View Full Version : [ubuntu] Microsoft Natural 4000 - Map 'zoom' to mouse scroll?

January 20th, 2012, 09:03 PM
I just got a microsoft natural 4000 keyboard and would like to remap the 'zoom' to behave exactly like the scroll wheel on the mouse. I've used this technique (http://shkspr.mobi/blog/index.php/2011/12/changing-the-microsoft-4000s-zoom-keys-in-ubuntu/) to figure out how to remap it as a up/down or pageup/pagedown.

This only provides a limited subset of what a scroll wheel can do, namely scrolling up and down. I also want SHIFT+zoom control to do a horizontal scroll and I want by openbox mouse bindings to work with this key the same as a mouse scroll.

Can keymap be used to simulate mouse events? Is there some other standard technique for doing this?

I tried mouseemu, but it actually hangs while attempting to install. Package info claims it only works with 2.6 kernels, so maybe it needs to be removed from the repos.